Senior Link  – Independent Living Society was formed as a non-profit society in 2000 by a group of dedicated seniors in Richmond, British Columbia.

Empower seniors and caregivers to use their wisdom and experience to help others when mobility might be an issue.

To reach out to isolated seniors to assist them to sustain their independence and wellness at their homes as well as to engage, promote and provide seniors with social, mental and physical simulation by opening avenues to participate, recognizing their talent and their valuable contribution to the community

Using the wisdom, skills and time of seniors, Senior Link quickly became more than just a society providing activities for isolated seniors, it became a network of valuable resources that will offer support in future on health related issues.

Continuing education and publication of a Senior Link newsletter three times a year keeps seniors informed on resources available to them.

Senior Link provides a network for seniors, about seniors, as a voice to the community to showcase their activities, as well as to voice their concerns to representatives of Government, and ally with vulnerable seniors globally.

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Join a fun community of seniors and some younger members, in Richmond and the Lower Mainland who strive to see lonely and isolated seniors connected and living a fulfilled life.


We host annual events that bring together a diverse community of seniors in the Lower Mainland, BC.

Annual Events
Senior Link hosts 4 annual events, bringing together a diverse community of seniors in the Lower Mainland, BC.

Our four annual events are highly anticipated events in seniors’ yearly calendars.


Senior Link Independent Living Society is a non profit relying on support and donations to carry on programs of interest to seniors.

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El Salvador Senior Relief Fund.

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Legal Name

Senior Link Independent Living Society

Charity # 898259619 RR0001

Phone: 604-362-6664